Why “Hello…”?

Are you lonely?

The Hello… Project is here to help. Loneliness is spoken about a lot, but if you are lonely you can find it very difficult to talk about yourself. It always seems to be someone else. But the reality is that you may well be lonely and not ever realised it.

If you want to chat to someone about this, please drop us a line: no expectations, no commitment, nothing at all unless you want to get involved.

It can be difficult to know if someone is lonely, or isolated. If we say, “How are you?” it’s rare anyone answers, “lonely.”

Often, we only realise that we were lonely once we aren’t any more. However, saying, “Hello!” to someone can show them that you have noticed them, and whilst it might not make much difference that time, it all adds up. So, “Hello…!”

Saying “hello” is one thing, but longer term we all need to ensure that people are able to be less lonely through all kinds of ways and means.

“Lonely” is not a single thing. It can come and it can go. We can be lonely on our own or in groups. Some people like to be alone, perhaps finding big gatherings daunting, some would rather be in the middle of things, but still need time alone. Some might be very happy with their family around them and nothing more. Some miss any human contact at all, but just can’t seem to find a way to tackle their own social anxiety.

“Hello” isn’t about telling people what to do, but it is about helping people to ensure loneliness is recognised and reduced where possible, through fellowship.

If you want to say hello… drop us a line: [email protected]